Dunlop SP Sport 5000M Tire

A high-performance tire with all-season traction.
Dunlop's technology advancements help our tires provide grip, handling and the driving excitement you deserve. Our ongoing commitment to innovation drives our team every day. Dunlop tires are made using different rubber compounds that contribute distinct properties to the tire. Professional inspectors and specialty machines inspect each tire to ensure every one is the highest quality.
Features & Warranties
• Asymmetrical tread pattern helps provide a balance of wet and dry performance
• Large, stable, interconnected tread blocks enhance dry cornering, grip, and stability
• Independent inner tread blocks w/open shoulder grooves provide powerful water dispersion & all-season grip
• Full width, twin-cut steel belts help provide ride uniformity and excellent footprint shape
• Exclusive, high-performance tread helps provide enhanced grip and control in a range of driving conditions
• Jointless Band Technology helps maintain the tire's shape, enabling smooth performance at highway speeds
• Max Flange Shield helps protect rims from accidental curb damage
• Eligible for the Highway Auto and Light Truck Tire Replacement Limited Warranty. See Details

Dunlop SP Sport 5000M Tire
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