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Common Tire Sizes

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You don't become a leader in an industry with only a casual interest in your business. If you want to be number one in tires, you think, eat and sleep tires, 365 days a year. As a result of this dedication, we continue to roll out the tires Wichita Kansas wants. We stock 1000's of tires in most sizes for light trucks, vans and other passenger vehicles at our stores.
One of the most common tires used is the R15.
The most common tires used under the R15 size are the P235/75R15, P205/65R15, and the P215/70R15. An R15 tire is fitted with a 15-inch rim. The most common section width of an R15 ranges from 215 to 235 millimeters, and the most common sidewall aspect ratio ranges around 70%. The R15 is a radial type of tire and has a long tread life and offers good steering control. However, it's not appropriate for rough roads and has poor grip when traveling at low speeds. The P variant is also the cheapest and most common R15 tire, which is a tire specifically made and designed for passenger vehicles. Although most suitable for cars, some light trucks also use R15 tires.

The R16 is a larger version of the R15 tire. It's most popular variant is the P225/60R16. The P225/60R16 is designed for most passenger vehicles. It has a 225mm section width, has a 60% sidewall-height ratio and is designed for 16-inch rims. Although a passenger vehicle tire, it has been used widely in light pickup trucks and mid-size SUVs. Most common section widths range from 205 to 225 millimeters, and the common sidewall aspect ratio is around 60%. Like the R15, the P variant is the most common and is often used for vehicles used in city driving.

Where Can I Find My Tire Size Information?
Your tire size information is located on the tire's sidewall.
Metric, or tire type,
defines the proper use
of the tire. For example,
a "P" designation means
that it is a passenger car
tire. An "LT" designation
is for a light truck
Tire Width is the
width of the tire
measured in
millimeters from
sidewall to sidewall.
This tire width
is 215 millimeters.
Rim Diameter is
the width of the
wheel from one
end to the other.
The diameter of
this wheel is 16
Speed Rating tells you the maximum service speed for
a tire. This rating relates only to tire speed capability and
is NOT a recommendation to exceed legally posted speed limits.
Aspect Ratio is the ratio
of the height of the tire's
cross-section to its width.
On our example, 60
means that the height
is equal to 60% of the
tire's width.
Construction tells you how the
layers of the tire were put together.
The "R" stands for Radial, which
means the layers run radially across
the tire. A "B" stands for bias
construction which means that the
layers run diagonally.
Load Index indicates the maximum load in pounds that
the tire can support when
properly inflated. You'll also
find the maximum load
elsewhere on the tire sidewall,
both in pounds and kilograms.
R16 LT Variant
The LT variant is in the "light truck-metric" category of tires. It is specifically designed for vehicles that include medium and heavy duty pickup trucks, full-size vans and SUVs. The tires are made to handle vehicles made for towing and carrying heavy cargo. Its most popular variant is the LT245/75R16. The most common section width ranges from 245 to 265 millimeters, and the usual sidewall aspect ratio is around 75%.
Common Auto Tire Sizes
P185/65R14 P185/65R15 P195/60R15 P205/50R16 P205/55R16 P205/60R16 P205/65R15 P205/70R15 P215/50R17 P215/55R17
P215/60R15 P215/60R16 P215/65R16 P215/65R17 P215/70R15 P225/45R18 P225/50R17 P225/50R18 P225/55R17 P225/60R16
P225/60R17 P225/60R18 P225/65R16 P225/65R17 P235/50R18 P235/55R17 P235/60R16 P235/60R18 P235/65R16 P245/45R20
P255/45R19 P255/60R19 P255/65R18 P275/55R20            

Common Truck Tire Sizes
P215/65R17 P215/70R15 P215/70R16 P225/60R16 P225/65R17 P225/70R16 P225/75R16 LT225/75R16 P235/60R18 P235/65R17
P235/70R16 P235/75R15 LT235/75R15 P235/75R16 LT235/85R16 P245/60R18 P245/65R17 P245/70R16 P245/70R17 LT245/70R17
P245/75R16 LT245/75R16 P245/75R17 LT245/75R17 P255/65R17 P255/65R18 P255/70R16 P265/60R18 P265/65R17 P265/65R18
P265/70R16 P265/70R17 LT265/70R17 P265/75R16 LT265/75R16 P275/55R20 P275/60R20 P275/65R18 LT275/65R18 LT275/65R20
LT275/70R18 P285/70R17 LT285/70R17 LT285/75R16 LT31-1050R15 LT315/75R16 LT325/65R18      

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